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10 troy ounce platinum bar vat-free

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This vat-free platinum bar of 10 troy ounce (331 grams) meets the guaranteed 999,5/1000 fineness standard for Good Delivery status. It carries the exclusive number of the LBMA (LPPM) accredited foundry; Credit Suisse. These specifications make the platinum bar easy to sell to professional parties worldwide.

Vat-free delivery and storage in AmsterdamSafe

Because of industrial applications 21% vat is charged on regular platinum purchases. This vat limits the profitability of investments in platinum, that’s why AmsterdamGold combines the sale of platinum bars with an unique vat-free storage scheme. AmsterdamGold-partner AmsterdamSafe can exclusively provide storage in a customs free safe. For a storage fee of 0.75% per annum you safe 21% on your platinum purchase price.

You’re platinum can of course be made available to you for inspection or enjoyment purposes, before we store it in the safes of AmsterdamSafe. The storage facility is secured in conformity with the highest European safety standards. Furthermore, your platinum is insured against confiscation, theft, damages and natural- or air traffic disasters. Periodically the contents of AmsterdamSafe are audited by the renowned accountancy firm Ernst & Young. Your platinum will be fully and personally allocated and under no circumstances combined with other stored goods. This makes it readily available if you wish to sell or inspect your platinum. Click here for more information about the services of AmsterdamSafe.    

Exchange rates 5:35 Gold € 54.868 per kilo Silver € 707 per kilo
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