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Gold ten Guilder Coin

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Gold ten Guilder are one of the most beautiful coins from the Netherlands. The Gold ten Guilder is individually packaged and contains 6,05 gram of pure gold. Diverse years of minting available.

Gold ten Guilder

The Gold ten Guilder was minted from 1815 until the abolishment of the gold standard in 1933. During this period, it was the official Dutch coin.

Purity and weight

The Gold ten Guilder has a purity of 900/1000 (21,6 karat). The gross weight the the coin is 6,72 gram of which 6,05 is pure gold (net weight).


Gold ten Guilders are packaged individually. We carry golden ten guilders minted in several different years.

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There are multiple designs for the Gold ten Guilder. All of the design have a picture of one of the following: King Willem I, II, III or Wilhemina. Each Gold ten Guilder contains 6,048 gram of pure gold.

Purchasing gold coins

The Gold ten Guilder and other gold bullion coins serve as an exceptional investment in physical gold. VAT is not levied on these purchases and all golden coins sold by Amsterdamgold are newly minted.

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