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Secure storage

AmsterdamGold offers secure storage for precious metals since 2011. Our partner AmsterdamSafe operates a fully secured and insured vault complex located on Schiphol Airport. Coins and bars made out of investment grade platinum, palladium, silver or gold are stored in AmsterdamSafe.

Secure storage in the vaults of AmsterdamSafe saves you the trouble of securing and insuring your precious metals. More importantly it saves you the worry of holding a potential target for criminals in your home or office. Storage is available for both private and corporate investors starting at a total value of € 5.000,-

VAT-free storage

The bonded warehouse of AmsterdamSafe gives private investors the unique opportunity of investing in silver and platinum without VAT. Platinum as well as silver are frequently used as industrial commodity and taxed with 21% VAT. With storage in the bonded warehouse of AmsterdamSafe private investors can save 21% on their silver or platinum purchase.

AmsterdamGold has 1.000 troy ounce (31,1 kg) and 100 troy ounce (3,11 kg) silver bars available for VAT-free storage as well as 10 troy ounce (311 grams) platinum bars. These bars are imported from outside the European Union and stored directly in the bonded warehouse. Because they are legally kept outside European trade-zone they are not eligible for VAT.


Safe and secure storage







Insured storage

AmsterdamSafe offers an optimal level of insurance. The precious metals you store are for instance covered against theft, terrorism, natural disasters, plain crashes, fire, war, expropriation by any legal government and flooding. AmsterdamSafe provides insurance policy that covers the full value of precious metals registered in your name.

The insurance policies cover the replacement value of your precious metals, which minimalizes all risks. In case of calamities account holders receive replacing bars or coins which makes sure there is no trading risk involved. The insurance cover is arranged through a conglomerate of globally operating  insurers.



It is important to inform yourself before investing in precious metals. We have created an information leaflet outlining the risks. For questions about this or any of our services you are invited to contact our staff. AmsterdamGold is proud to carry a license from the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) in concurrence with the ‘Wet op Financieel Toezicht’.