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History and mission



‘established in 1984’

AmsterdamGold came into it’s own when it was taken over in 2008 by financial journalist and author Willem Middelkoop. AmsterdamGold soon became the largest bullion retailer in The Netherlands. In the tradition of the Dutch golden ages, his wish was to bring back hard assets to the private investor and protect saving from dubious monetary practice.

The tradition is thousands of years old, but the methods are modern. The AmsterdamGold group is located on Schiphol international Airport it consists of an online precious metals store, a showroom with private viewing galleries and offices to discuss or transact trades in private.

‘a route to precious metals that was previously closed’

With innovative concepts and a vast knowledge of the precious metals market the AmsterdamGold team created a route to precious metals that was previously closed to the private investor. The fast growth of the company was facilitated by the rising popularity of precious metals with private investors as protection against inflation and systemic risks in the global economy.