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Tax-free silver bar 1.000 troy ounce

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These 1.000 troy ounce tax-free silver bars (31,103 kilogram) have a purity of .999. All silver bars are easily traded at any precious metal business or professional purchasing organization. Tax-free silver bars are available in combination with storage in the AmsterdamSafe bonded warehouse.

1.000 troy ounce tax-free silver bar

These silver bars are recognized worldwide and easy to trade. The silver bars are newly poured and purchased outside the EU from a LBMA accredited supplier.

Delivery to customs warehouse

These silver bars are delivered directly to Amsterdam Safe's customs warehouse under your name. They may only be purchased in combination with storage. The silver is brought from outside the EU directly to the customs warehouse. As a result they are not considered imported into the Netherlands and are not subject to taxation. This is a great way for private investors to purchase physical silver with paying VAT tax - saving you 21%! With our buy back guarantee, you can also avoid paying VAT when you decide to sell your silver

The advantage of purchasing tax-free silver

  • Immediate savings of 21% on the purchase amount
  • All risk insured storage
  • Buy back guarantee
  • Inspection by the auditors of EY

Buy back guarantee for tax-free silver

You purchase will be tax-free as long as it is stored in the customs warehouse. When you decide you want to remove the silver from the warehouse - you will be taxed 21% on the actual value of the silver at that moment in combination with import fees. To avoid this taxation, we also offer you along with your purchase the guarantee that as long as the silver has not left the customs warehouse, we will purchase the silver back from you at a minimum rate of 98% of the spot price of the tax-free silver. In this manner your tax-free silver will not leave the customs warehouse and will not be taxed.

All risk insured maximum security storage

The Amsterdam Safe depot is secured through the renowned security company Securitas and has a security class of IV. Along with the strong security which is enhanced by the location, the entire contents and warehouse are all risk insured (including amongst other things theft and fire).

Cost of storing tax-free silver

Amsterdam Safe negotiates an all inclusive storage price for just 1,25 percent per year of the replacement value of your tax-free silver. The replacement value will be synchronized with the current replacement value on the first day of every quarter. The replacement value is the value against which your silver is allrisk insured. Additionally, any fluctuations in the replacement value during the quarter are allrisk insured by Amsterdam Safe which means your silver is always 100% insured. Please note: The insurer will calculate the replacement value including 21% VAT


Exchange rates 5:35 Gold € 57.018 per kilo Silver € 708 per kilo
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