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100 troy ounce silver bar free from VAT

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100 troy ounce silver bar delivered in the bonded warehouse of AmsterdamSafe. This product was added to the assortment of AmsterdamGold with the purpose to make VAT free silver more accessible.

100 troy ounce silver bar free from VAT

This silver bar weighs 100 troy ounce (3.1 kilos) en is melted in pure silver. These bars are delivered in the bonded warehouse of AmsterdamSafe so they are not eligible for a VAT levy. This makes the 100 troy ounce silver bar a low cost alternative for investing in physical silver, especially with a low threshold like 3,1 kilos.

The silver bar specifics

All 100 troy ounce bars purchased from well-known and London Bullion Market (LBMA) certified smelters like Johnson Matthey en de Royal Canadian Mint. The bars are imported directly from outside Europe and are stored in the vault of a bonded warehouse located at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

Delivery in a bonded warehouse

To make sure these silver bars are not eligible for a VAT levy their purchase is only possible in combination with storage in the bonded warehouse. Therefor you will need to be accountholder with AmsterdamSafe. If you are not yet an accountholder with AmsterdamSafe the necessary documentation will be automatically send to you via email.

The storage in the bonded warehouse gives the silver bars a legal status as if they were never imported in the Netherlands. With this legal status the bars are not eligible for VAT and you safe 21% on your silver purchase.

The advantages of VAT free silver bars

  • Direct savings of 21% on your silver purchase
  • All-risk insured storage
  • Buy back guarantee
  • Audits by Ernst & Young

Buy back guarantee for VAT free silver

Keeping silver in a bonded warehouse would be impractical if you would have to import those bars before selling them. Therefor AmsterdamGold offers a buy back guarantee. That way you will never have to take the bars out of the bonded warehouse and pay 21% VAT, import taxes and an administrative fee with the Dutch customs.

AmsterdamGold guarantees you the possibility of selling your silver at a minimum of 98% on the world silver price (spot price).


All risk insurance and optimal security

Your 100 troy ounce silver bars are fully insured when stored in the bonded warehouse. Fire, floods and plane crashes as well as theft and even confiscation by any legal government are covered. The vault complex is located in an area controlled by the Dutch military police (Marechaussee) and monitored by the renowned security firm Securitas. Of course the safes themselves are of the highest quality.

Cost of storage

AmsterdamSafe charges an all-in storage fee of only 1,25 percent per year (including insurance) over replacement value, excluding VAT. The insurers and AmsterdamSafe calculate the replacement value with VAT, because when replacement would become necessary the silver bars are no longer in the warehouse and so technically imported in the Netherlands.

Find out more about VAT free silver here.

Exchange rates 5:35 Gold € 54.868 per kilo Silver € 707 per kilo
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