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New Australian Gold Kangaroo 2022 - 1 troy ounce

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The gold Kangaroo is minted in Australia by the Perth Mint. It is 99,99% pure gold and weighs 1 troy ounce. The design changes annually and the coin is popular amongst investors as well as collectors.

Australian Gold Kangaroo coins

The gold Kangaroo is struck in 99,99% pure gold by the Perth Mint in Australia. Like many other gold investment coins, the Kangaroo carries the distinction of being a legal currency and is recognized worldwide as investment gold. The worth of this coins is directly related to the gold charts.

Purity and weight

The gold Kangaroo has a purity of 99,99% and weighs of 31,103 gram (1 troy ounce).

Newly minted gold coins

All Krugerrand coins delivered by are newly minted.

Design of the gold Kangaroo

The front side of the coin originally displayed the image of a gold nugget. As a result, gold Kangaroo coins are often called the Australian Gold Nugget. The gold Kangaroo was introduced in 1986 and displayed the gold nugget until 1989 when a decision was made to replace the nugget with a kangaroo.

The kangaroo, like the Kookaburra and the Koala are symbols for the country of Australia. These symbols are frequently used in coins minted by the Perth Mint.

The front side of the coin is an image of one or more kangaroos along with the year of issue. On the back side of the coins is the image of Queen Elizabeth II with the words: "Australia - 100 dollars.

Purchasing gold coins

The gold Kangaroo and other gold bullion coins serve as an exceptional investment in physical gold. VAT is not levied on these purchases.

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